Trade Show caricatures, Promotional Events Caricatures

Having attended many trade shows to promote my own caricature business, I understand the difficulty in trying to do something different to make the experience for the visitor less repetitious and monotonous.  I can guarantee that a quick caricature will spark the interest of the visitor and they will walk away with a drawing or digital print that not only promotes your service or product, but will not end up in the bin at the end of the day like traditional flyers or brochures often do.

It also gives you a 2 – 3 minute window to do your sales pitch while the visitor is in a sitting position getting sketched. There is no other attraction that offers you the opportunity to get someones undivided attention for 2/3 minutes and afterwards to give a memorable keepsake that will be shared with many and not discarded like other promotional material. This makes caricature entertainment an excellent investment – huge impact without the huge expense.