Order a Personalised Gift Caricature Today

A caricature is the ideal gift for any occasion, Birthdays, Retirement, Weddings, leaving for a new job etc. It's also the perfect gift for the person who has everything as it's not something you can buy in the shop and each picture is unique and personalised. If you've never ordered a caricature before I'm sure you'll be emailing around to see what the best price is etc

Below is just a couple of tips you should consider when ordering a caricature

Check out peoples websites.
The first thing I advise people to do is check out peoples websites, caricatures like any art is a personal thing, if you don't like what you see move on to the next.
I tend to do very flattering caricatures almost portraitures, if your'e looking for a very exaggerated style I'm probably the wrong artist.

Likeness likeness likeness

The most common myth are that caricatures aren't really meant to look like you! this is completely untrue and is a result of a poor badly trained artist who unfortunately give the rest of us a bad name.
I guarantee a 100% perfect likeness or I'll re-do it, but either way I'll make sure your'e happy with the result.

Why pick me?

Apart from my 25 years experience drawing, as caricature artists go I'd would probably be the best known in Ireland. My clients include some of the most well known celebrities and sports people in the world from Breaking Bad to Pele. I'm the only caricaturist to appear on the Late Late and Saturday night show, Nationwide, Ireland AM etc. My work also features regularly in the local press. I was the animator behind the Oscar winning series "Give up yer aul sins" and more recently my caricatures featured on the cover of the Christmas RTE guide.

So how much do you cost?

In terms of cost it’s almost impossible to price a caricature without knowing exactly wants the client wants, but I'm well aware there are lot's of cheaper artists than me both in Ireland and abroad most of whom will give you something badly drawn. Allot of the really cheap artists actually trace the photo's you send them on a computer.

I like to try and tailor each caricature to suit peoples budgets and requirements so there’s usually absolutely no need to go to another artist, however some people completely undervalue art of any type especially caricature and tend to associate it what they've seen on holidays etc.

There are so many ways of producing caricatures I do digital caricatures which are very popular these can be emailed etc so you can print and frame yourself, watercolour, acrylic etc. Prices can range from as little as €75 per person for a black a white sketch to a €100 for colour.
I calculate the cost based on how much time i spend on each commission so obviously the bigger your budget he more detail I add etc. The average people spend on a gift ranges between €250 and €550 for something framed and mounted to over a €1000 or more for my larger more detailed pieces.
If you email me what you had in mind for the picture (details you'd like included))a rough estimate of your budget, Ill be able to advise you much better of the possibilities open to you(if it should be colour, black and white, framed not framed, the size etc) and make sure you get a proper caricature done.

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Your'e genius, that's just brilliant!! Dean Norris aka Hank from Breaking Bad.

"Oh my god that is brilliant. That is mental. WOW it really is! Imelda May July 2011

Brendan O'Connor with his leaving gift from RTE

Image of me!! Ray Darcy

Looks exactly like me, I love it! Tony McCoy (Jockey)

Absolutely fantastic! The Script.

That's amazing! Football legend Pele

I love it! Miguel JImenez & Thongchai Jaidee